Top Chef: Grand Rapids

Ariane and Ash Cooking for Us

Bravo’s Top Chef tour has been going around the country since mid-April and yesterday, made a stop in Grand Rapids – of all places!  As a long-time fan of Top Chef, as soon as I heard that the tour was stopping here, I knew I had to go.  Tickets were free but you could pre-register for a spot.  My wonderful boyfriend added the website to his favorites and diligently checked the page until pre-registration opened for GR.  When it finally opened he was only able to get one ticket so we headed there a bit early to make sure that we would both have a spot.  Fortunately, we were there early enough for him to get a spot too – one of only 64!

Tom, Padma and I - Padma's so short!

The tour was mainly a cooking demonstration.  Two former Top chef contestants were our hosts for the day; Ash (season 6) and Ariane  (Season 5).  Ariane did the brunt of the cooking (and chatting) and together they created a most delicious – eaten before I could remember I wanted to take a picture – Sirloin Steak with Smashed Potatoes and Bearnaise Sauce.  So good!  Finally, after watching so many episodes and wanting to try every single thing on the screen, I was able to eat Top Chef qualtiy food.  And man, it was just as good as it looks on the show. 

In addition to the cooking demo, Ariane and Ash were around to sign autographs and there was Top Chef gear for sale. 

There were a few games, putt-putt and the ingredient identifying game from the show’s Quick Fire Challenges.  Finally, Tom and Padma were there too – in cardboard.  And they were happy to have their photos taken with everyone.

It was definitely worth stopping by the Top Chef Tour and I hope they stop in Grand Rapids again next year!

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